Hawk Safety Services Ltd.

2010 Hawk Safety Services Ltd was registered  in company house.

Hawk safety services Ltd was made into a non-profit making company, so all donations and revenue where put straight back into the company, with Eric & Jean Little being made company directors.
The Iveco daily 65c15 van was our new rescue unit, with plenty of ground clearance and space inside for the medical crew to work on a casualty.
2014. Southern Car Club Awards
At the southern car club awards Jean & myself were privileged to be Awarded the Jenny Dymond Award.
Presented by Chris Dymond, Osian Pryce, Jan Dymond & Michael Rutter
2016 New rescue unit to replace the iveco.

End of 2015 it was desided to look at replacing the iveco rescue unit that has served us well in all forms of motorsport with a newer vehicle, we approached the same company that had supplied the iveco and after looking at several vehicles we purchased a ford transit jumbo 430/140 ex police vehicle, the next problem was trying to sort the time for fitting it out, this took most of the year as we have had a very busy season with it finaly being ready for our training weekend with Hampshire fire brigade.
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